“The Parable of the Religious Slave” – The Holiness Project – Day 22

When I think about repentance, I am always aware of that parable about the talents found in Matthew 25.  I call it the Parable of the Religious Slave and you will see why in a moment.  Do you remember the story?

The Master gives ten talents to one person and he makes ten talents more.  Well done.  He gives five talents to someone else and she makes five more.  Good job.  But then he gives one talent to the third servant who buries it in the ground and, when the Master returns from his long journey, this third servant gives it back to him.  But the Master is angry.

Why do you think the Master got angry?

Book 5 - The Road to Jerusalem

“No Condemnation” – Seeking Jerusalem – Day 23

“I believe that God is love and that I am a good guy and it will all work out in the end.”

My friend, John, was talking and he was serious.  He had been a member of our church for years.  He was over 80 years old and still of sound body and mind.  But not of spirit.  I had asked him why he did not leave the Catholic church and become an official member of our church.

“No, no, I can’t leave the Catholic Church.  I would be excommunicated,” he insisted.