“The Relational Nature of Hell” – Revelations – Day 18

One of my favorite types of movies is about time travel.  I just love the whole concept of temporal paradoxes, corrupted timelines, and the butterfly effect (one change in the past can have a devastating effect in the future). 

In fact, one of my all-time favorite movies is called Edge of Tomorrow with Tom Cruise.  He is in a battle against alien bugs and at one point is sprayed with a blue gel from the body of one of the bugs he has just killed.  It takes him a while to figure it out but that blue gel gives him the ability to repeat a particular time segment so that each time he is killed, he wakes up in the past and can try again.  He teams up with another woman who had the same thing happen to her (and then it stopped) and together they keep fighting until they find a way to defeat the aliens and win the day.

That’s why I don’t believe that God will ever allow us to figure out time travel.