“Discipleship is Warfare” – The Holiness Project – Day 47

This argument against God is as old as time itself.  If God is love and evil exists, either God is weak or He is not as loving as we make Him out to be.  It usually comes in a more philosophical form, but you get the idea.

The problem is that God has an eternal perspective (and we do not).  The central message of the Bible is that our rebellion against God (sin) has eternal consequences that are so horrible that it is almost beyond belief.  The very fact that God, Himself, came in the flesh to be tortured and killed in a painful death on the cross in order to save us should give us some indication of how serious the situation is. 

God’s love compelled him to sacrifice Himself to save us from the results of our alliance with evil.

“Leadership is Influence” – The Holiness Project – Day 49

Like millions of other viewers, I have been enjoying The Chosen – a new film series on the life and ministry of Jesus.  It is called The Chosen because it is focused not on Jesus but on the twelve disciples, the ones “chosen” by Jesus to follow him.  It is a fascinating character study and makes each of the personalities come more alive in the process.

I have to admit that, at first, I wasn’t sure I liked how the writers developed Peter’s character.  They had him collaborating with the Romans against his own people (which is not very likely) but, as time goes on, I have to admit that, details aside, they nailed his character exactly right.