Book 5 - The Road to Jerusalem

“Suffering and Glory” – Seeking Jerusalem – Day 26

I have an idea for a book (and maybe a movie) called A Glimpse of Glory.

It’s the story of a black worship leader who loses his sister to a mugging gone wrong and she is stabbed and killed.  Of course this creates a crisis of faith and he goes into a tailspin of grief and guilt which leads him into a frantic search for his sister’s killer.  He ends up one night in the very same bar, nursing a drink and wondering what he is doing with his life.  He decides to leave and try to get his life back on track but, first, he has to go to the bathroom.

On the way to relieve himself, he feels a knife pressed into his back and a voice in his ear telling him to step outside through the back door.  Once in the alley behind the bar, his assailant demands all of his money, using his knife as a warning and a motivation to hurry.

Book 5 - The Road to Jerusalem

“My Transfiguration” – Seeking Jerusalem – Day 21

We were talking about the Transfiguration of Jesus earlier and the glimpses of glory that were given to the disciples on a mountaintop in the wilderness.  But we have also pointed out that the glory spoken of here had to do with his departure and all that would happen in Jerusalem.

In short, the glory of God is the cross of Christ.  The glory of God is his character as he declared to Moses on a different mountaintop in Sinai.  The glory of God, the true character of God, is most clearly seen on a hill outside of Jerusalem a little more than 2000 years ago.

“Maturity in Christ” – Seeking Jerusalem – Day 15

Here is a truth that we don’t like to talk about. It is something that affects every church, every body of believers. We are either cursed or blessed by the leaders we have chosen.
Rather than choose leaders, learn to recognize the leaders that God has chosen.
Maturity in Christ is necessary for recognizing maturity in Christ.