Book 5 - The Road to Jerusalem

“Let Go and Let God” – Seeking Jerusalem – Day 47

I would agree that being filled with the Holy Spirit is based on faith, hope and love (as we have said before) and that it results in peace and joy which are the first fruits of our new relationship with God.  Of course this is a peace that passes all understanding and a joy that knows no bounds.  Neither concept can be defined in worldly terms but only in extraordinary terms to describe the life in the Spirit.  There is definitely an “emotional” or subjective aspect to life in the Spirit.  But there is something more to it than that.

Book 5 - The Road to Jerusalem

“The Lost Art of Repentance” – Seeking Jerusalem – Day 48

I like the title of this post. It tells me that Repentance is an Art form that has been lost.  People don’t really repent much these days and the little that they do is superficial and difficult. Like an adult still making stick men with crayons, we have lost the nuances, the discipline but most of all the art of a life of repentance.

I mean, have you ever put the idea of repentance and rest together in the same sentence?  God does. Jesus says that his yoke is easy and his burden is light.  Especially in comparison with the Pharisees of his day who burdened people with a moral code almost impossible to maintain.

Book 5 - The Road to Jerusalem

“The Fellowship of the Cross” – Seeking Jerusalem – Day 49

Ours is not the Fellowship of the Ring but, rather, the Fellowship of the Cross.  We, too, have a purpose to work together in this redemptive emergency for the salvation of the world.  Yes, there will be individual temptations and trials but, in the context of the relationships forged under trying circumstances, there is also the possibility of redemption and true friendships that will last a lifetime.

Or is that only a fantasy of mine?

It’s easy to write beautiful words to describe the fellowship of the cross, the unity of the church, the friendships forged in this band of brothers and sisters following Jesus on the Road to Jerusalem.  But is it true?  Not so sure.