“Prayer Behind Enemy Lines” – Revelations – Day 20

The problem with prayer is getting the answers you want.

After all, when we pray, we are asking God for something.  It’s called Petitionary Prayer.  Even C.S. Lewis wrote a treatise on the subject.  Other types of prayer are much easier to deal with.  If your prayer is worship, then you aren’t expecting necessarily an answer.  If your prayer is intercessory, you may be looking for God’s intervention but we all know that he works “in mysterious ways.” 

Petitionary prayer is where the problem is found.  It is specific and usually detailed and there is not much room for misunderstanding.  The problem is that God often simply doesn’t give us what we want.  Perhaps we fall into the trap of trying to appease God in order to get what we want by going to church, making promises, tithing or the like.  That isn’t going to work.  God hates it when people try to manipulate him (my wife feels the same way). 

“The Providence and Protection of God” – Day 19 Revelations

I have been watching a series on TV called FBI, which is all about the New York field office of the Federal Bureau of Investigations.  Of course, it isn’t entirely accurate, but it is fun to watch how they deal with crime and evil.  I don’t normally just watch for entertainment but rather to get a handle on the way the writers are dealing with topics such as justice, revenge, discrimination, and the overall existence of evil with all of its many faces. 

And, of course, they make it personal to each of the agents and that’s where it really gets interesting.  How do you react to evil and suffering and death when it touches your own personal life?  I remember one recent episode where one of the female agents is in the hospital fighting for her life.  Her partner is sitting in the interfaith chapel with his head bowed and his friend finds him there, praying.