The Absurdity of an Abnormal Existence

The secular problem of evil, then, is simply the reality gap – the gap between what I desire (or value) and reality (or fact).

In other words, the world as I experience it is not to my liking.

And that is not merely capricious on my part.  It affects my survival as well as my ability to flourish.

Why the world should be so is the fundamental question of life and my interpretation of that reality will affect two things:

  • how (in terms of morality) I go about the business of survival (and flourishing), as well as
  • the quality of my life (in terms of meaning, purpose and significance) in the meantime.

Both are important to me.

The secular problem of evil, then, forces me to come to terms with the absurdity of life (in terms of the lack of meaning, purpose and significance) and the abnormal nature of existence (in terms of the reality gap and, therefore, the difficulty of morality). But that, too, is already interpretation.

Let´s back up and take it one step at a time.


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