The Days of Artistry

The garden was beautiful beyond words.

Forever after Gabriel would cherish the memory of the pristine beauty and awesome splendor of those Days of Artistry.  The Majesty had decided this new thing, this wonder, and the Word had worked his power and the Presence had filled it to overflowing with life and abundance.  It was breathtaking.   It was intriguing.  It was filled with surprise and discovery as the Lord God Almighty wrote the secrets of his deepest thoughts into the fabric of this new world.

“Michael, over here.  Look at this.”

Michael joined him in an instant, as excited as a young colt in a new meadow.  They hovered over the garden, their wings slowly and majestically beating the air, talking excitedly.

Gabriel loved to explore this combination of energy and matter, this world of bodies and space that interacted in such a strange way.  They could peer into the intricacies of the smallest atom and see there the power of the Word holding together the very essence of material things.  They could feel the pull of the earth as they soared into the heavens and see the same truth holding the entire universe together even as it moved and changed and strained to pull itself apart.  But it was the living energy that permeated this new creation that was the most wondrous thing of all.

“Do you see it, Michael?” Gabriel asked, his arm sweeping across the new garden God had planted.

“What?  I don’t see it.  Where?”

“All of it,” Gabriel said.  “Life.”

It teemed, it swarmed, it flowed through and around everything and continued to create and recreate and bring into existence even more life.  It was a continuous river of life alive with the Presence of the Almighty God.

Gabriel and Michael marveled and wondered at their discoveries and they were filled with the joy of finding a new depth to the heart and mind of their Master.  The Great Halls of Heaven echoed with their joyous renditions of praise.

Gabriel was amazed once more as he heard the created world itself join in the praise to God.  He heard the seas roar and the birds sing and the lions cavorting with their young, and even the silent majesty of the mountains join together in an ever-present symphony of praise to their Maker.

“Listen,” Gabriel said, watching as Michael turned his head to hear it, first in one direction and then another.

Wonder of wonders, Gabriel marveled, that the very creation instinctively would praise their Maker in the performance of their duty, in the displaying of their beauty, in the demonstration of their created abilities.  Without mind or personality, yet the symphony of praise was built into the very fabric of their being.

Even more, this symphony of praise was a message to an inquiring mind that the Creator was there, that he was enthroned in majesty above the heavens and he was worthy of all praise.

 A message?   A message to whom?  He and his brothers knew this deepest truth of the heavens and lived within it and gloried in it every moment of their existence.

This message must be for someone else, he thought, and somehow he knew that the Days of Artistry were not yet complete.


In the beauty of innocence, as the morning dew graced the garden with its fresh, pearl drops of nectar, the King and Queen came walking in the sun.  Hand in hand they strolled through the garden, a wreath of flowers adorning her hair, a smile of contentment and peace upon their faces.

The man was strong, his muscles rippling like tiny wavelets upon the sea of his bronze skin.  He walked with the smooth grace of a lion, supple and full of an energy barely kept under control.

But it was their eyes that most intrigued Gabriel – eyes that were the window to the soul.  In them he saw the first and the last wonder of all.

The likeness of God, Himself.


The Days of Artistry by Bert A. Amsing
Excerpt from The Temptations of the Cross by Bert A. Amsing
Copyright © 2012 by vanKregten Publishers.  All rights reserved.

Footnotes and references included in the original manuscript.