The Secular Worldview

Today, the Secular Humanists (backed by their scientific metaphysics) would claim that “science fully reflects what is real”. 

The world can be understood in naturalistic terms and the supernatural is not necessary.  They would claim that “traditional religion” is no longer essential to the modern world.

Perhaps.  Perhaps not.

What is clear is that they also provide an interpretation of reality and, in that sense, their naturalistic explanations can, at the very least, be called a “worldview” if not a “religion.”

Fine.  What matters is truth, not religion (or even worldviews).

Truth is simply the way things are – the structures and content of reality.  An accurate understanding (or interpretation) of that reality will provide meaning, purpose and significance as well as the proper orientation and foundation for morality.

That is the end goal of the entire discussion.

Jesus might have been the one to say that the truth will set you free, but most people, in any religion or culture, would agree – at least in theory.


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