The Self-Aware, Rational and Moral Personality

Saturday morning cartoons were the big event of the week while growing up.  I can still remember Tom and Jerry, Batman and Robin and even the Green Hornet (now I’m really dating myself).

Aside from the comedy and the violence (which seemed to feed off each other), the basic concept of Saturday morning cartoons was Anthropomorphism – animals (in cartoon form) could talk, think and interact just like humans.  It made for a wide variety of interesting and comical situations.

Add to that a violence that was never permanent but always present and you had the makings of a fantasy world where emotions (and even fears externalized as anger) could be freely expressed without any real world consequences.  It was great entertainment for children at its best (or worst depending on your view of the world).


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Whispers of the Desert Warrior by Bert A. Amsing
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