Unconditional Approval

This is so true……and it comes from a place of love….just like a good parent who loves his child but does not approve of everything that they do….because the fundamental problem with humans is that we want things that are not good for us and we don’t care…..junk food, smoking, addictions, selfishness, bitterness, resentment, stealing, greed, adultery, pornography, anger, gossip, pride, ego and the list goes on…..we want what we want when we want it …even if it isn’t good for us (and we often know it and don’t care). The human condition is a spiritual cancer because we are cut off from our creator and father. A new relationship through Christ sealed by the Holy Spirit can restore the fundamental principle of obedience to the rule of love…even, and especially, for ourselves….we can forgive ourselves because we are forgiven….at a great price and sacrifice….our sin is not excused, it is punished in another because of love…..that forgiveness and love can change the human heart. Loving obedience to God is the answer….