Weekly Update No. 5 (Crowdfunding Campaign)

The Old Lady and the Giant
This story was dedicated to a wonderful old lady in our church on the ocassion of her 80th birthday.  She was born on a leap year so she was really only twenty years old.  Her granddaughter, Sonia, asked me to write something special for her to be included in a special book that the family was putting together for her.  Great fun.
I wanted to write something about the poor and homeless people who were visiting our church and give another perspective on who they were.  I thought of the passage that says that we ought to be hospitable in case we are visited by angels.  When I first met Scotty, one of the street evangelists and homeless men that came to our church, he was so different, so strange, that the thought crossed my mind that he might be a visitation of Jesus trying to challenge our approach to the poor and needy.
From there, the whole story simply wrote itself.  I took the basic concept of a large, Santa like character from one of my other stories and compared him with the smallness of the old lady and the story was born.  Yes, it was also a challenge to our church but it had a positive spin to it.  In the end, God wants to give each one of us and the church a miracle, the miracle of seeing each other through his eyes.
I hope that you also receive that miracle in your lives.
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